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"John is one of the best in the business"
Linda Ronstadt.

"John, Here's to the good old days when
only you would play my songs.
Love ya
Pal.God Bless."

Welcome to my web site, one and all. I'm very happy and honored to be able to share my musical journey with you, through a few stories, comments and photos, as well as updates on what I'm doing these days. Feel free to drop me a line, and let me know who you are and where you're from...and most importantly, thanks for stopping by!
When I first picked up a guitar back in 1954, I never imagined that I was really holding a magic carpet in my hands. Like the methodical adventurer Sinbad, the guitar has taken me on a soaring ride I never could have imagined as a little kid back in Hometown, Illinois. To all corners of the earth we have traveled together, performing for millions, recording in some of the greatest studios of the world, alongside some of greatest musicians, writers and recording artists of our time.
This guitar and I have taken part in musical history, sometimes as bit players, and sometimes at the forefront. How blessed am I to have been asked to add my musical talent to the works of some of the greatest legends in contemporary music!
When I received my Davy Crockett guitar as a Christmas present back in 1955, I was given a very special gift of profound proportion, the gift of music...and a ticket to a lifelong career.
Music has always been an obsession to me. It still is.
From the my earliest beginnings, I listened to records in a much different way than my schoolmates and fellow band members did. With each 45 rpm record, I was transported to a place thousands of miles away from my little bedroom in Hometown. I literally traveled to where each and every record was recorded...that is, in my mind I could se the players laying down the tracks, and the engineers moving the microphones into position, the artist in the booth, the producer behind the board. I could smell the studio, coffee, cigarettes, the instrument cases..This is how I listened to records. In my heart, I knew this was my life's calling. I wanted to be a studio guitarist..a session man, the guy "behind the hits." And through the grace of God, the help of friends and the luck of the Irish, I achieved just that.
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I've been recording for over 40 years. My first session took place in downtown Chicago at a funky 2 track R&B studio back in 1965. From the moment that neon recording sign first went on,  I knew what my life's calling would be, even at 15 years old.
Since then I have recorded in nearly every big time, and small time, recording studio imaginable, both here and abroad. Language never seemed to be a barrier, for music was always the common thread.
I owe my career to the kindness and knowledge of quite a few guarding Angels who took me under their creative wings when I was a broke, runaway, young teen on the streets of Hollywood. With every session, I watched and learned from the best. I grew and I matured as a musician very quickly, always reminded of how fortunate enough I was to be in the shoes I was walking in.
Looking back, I still find it boggling when I review the list of artists I have recorded and toured with. From giants like Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Dolly Parton to legendary producers such as Lalo Schifrin, Peter Asher, Jimmy Bowen, Michael Lloyd,
Billy Sherrill and others, it's been one hell of a ride.
Yes, the guitar has been mighty kind to me. It's been a best friend, and a lifelong partner. It's provided more than just a living for me. From my work as a studio guitarist to my other career as a hit songwriter, the guitar has helped create a legacy  I can hand down to my children with pride.
I still love it, just as much today as yesterday, and I'm happy to say that the journey is far from over. To this day I'm still flying the friendly skies, guitar in hand off to another recording date, concert or club, always with the same feeling of excitement...always with the same passion and love for what I do.
 So, let me end by saying "thanks and deepest appreciation" to Leo Fender and Orville Gibson for the ticket to ride!
John Beland
March 2010





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